Buyers FAQ

Buyers FAQ

We have had many questions about our Lease Option Programs, so we have added a short summary of the “how, where and whys”.  as always, if you still have questions feel free to contact us.  We are here to help you obtain the American Dream of Home Ownership with Quality Housing at Affordable Prices!

Why is a Lease Option good for me?

  • You can live in the house while repairing your credit or securing your financing.
  • You can move in immediately.  You don’t have to wait for anybody but yourself.
  • You lock in a price.  With recent real estate appreciation trends, this house could be worth more than what you pay for it by the dime you close the deal. *
  • You can show a lender that you are trying to buy a home you’re already living in and paying for.  Banks generally look favorably upon this.  In many cases, you can actually refinance in order to close.  With a refinance, you’ll usually get a better interest rate and lower closing costs.  We have lenders that specialize in this program, although you are welcome to work with anyone you desire.


Why should I buy instead of just renting?

  • OWN YOUR OWN HOME!!!!!!  No pesky landlords to deal with!
  • Build equity.  If your home appreciates over time, you could gain valuable equity simply by living in your home.
  • TAX SAVINGS!!!  Did you know that you can deduct the interest paid as part of your mortgage?  This can save you THOUSANDS of dollars EVERY YEAR!!!!!
  • Improvements you make may add to the value of your home – and you get to enjoy the improvements!!!
  • Paint the walls any color you want!!!!


Why do we use lease options instead of just selling the house immediately?

  • Tax savings.  Ask how we can pass some of these savings on to you!!!
  • Faster.  You get to live in the property while arranging your financing.
  • The house doesn’t sit empty.  Regardless of how nice a neighborhood is, an empty house is a target for vandalism because there’s no one there to watch it!


How does the rent to own program work?

                        It is actually a lease with the option to buy the property.  You agree to rent the property for a specific monthly amount.  In addition, you make a one time Option Payment that counts toward your eventual purchase of the property.  You can close the deal at any point during the term of the lease (usually one year).  You can arrange financing with any lender of your choice.  We can also put you in touch with lenders who we’ve worked with in the past.

* Not a guarantee of price appreciation