Credit Repair

Credit Repair

Credit Building and Repair Assistance

This service is offered to our current and future clients and the objective is to help them clean their credit issues and qualify for a mortgage sooner rather than later.

There are many shysters out there taking peoples’earned money; that’s why we work with and recommend only ONE company in the entire United States:

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Lately the banks have more and more rules to comply with before granting credit to purchase properties.

Being aware of this situation, They work together with our clients on “case by case” bases to make a plan towards improving their credit situation.

Their goal is to help our clients with the basics of

  • Manage money better
  • Debt problems
  • Use of credit

Global Credit Repair and Restoration’s appointments are completely confidential, the consultants are friendly and there is no judgement at all.

Their goal is helping our clients get a fresh start and regain mental peace all within an environment full of respect and dignity.

Which factors affect my credit?

  • Your payment history
  • How much you owe
  • How long your credit file has been open
  • How many times you have applied for new credit
  • The type of credit you have
  • Collections items or judgements registered against you affect your credit score negatively.

Other factors affecting your overall credit include as well:

  • Have savings that you add to on a regular basis and that is proportionate to your income.
  • Have rainy–day savings as well as long–term, retirement savings.
  • Maintain a stable address and employment circumstances.
  • Use your bank account properly – overdrafts and NSFs can signal financial difficulty.
  • Pay more than the minimum payment due each month on a credit card and work on bringing the balance owing down.
  • Limit your use of the card until it is paid in full.
  • Only apply for credit that you need. One, maybe two credit cards, with very reasonable limits based on your income, are all you should need. Pay them off in full every month.
  • Keep all credit card balances well below the limits on all of the cards at all times.
  • Reduce your monthly debt payments (excluding mortgage payments) to no more than 15 – 20% of your take–home pay. This will allow you to manage unforeseen financial challenges effectively.
  • Keep credit limits reasonable – if used or charged to the limit, you should be able to pay the full balance off within a year and leave it paid off.
  • Good AND bad, everything stays on your credit file for 6 – 7 years, so time could be on your side.

Proper money management doesn’t involve a magic formula to find more money. It simply means getting the most from the money you have now. We’re happy to help you learn how to do that while at the same time you move into a home of your own – and it’s never too late to start.




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