Lease to Own

Lease to Own

Lease To Own

Saving enough money for a down payment while paying rent or trying to secure a mortgage with a low paying job or bad credit history are only a few of the obstacles that make buying a home seem so difficult.

Wouldn’t be great if some of these monthly payments
could go towards the actual purchase of your home?
Now they can!

  • If you are tired of making monthly rental payments
  • don’t want to keep wasting your money in rent
  • feel you are ready to start building something to show for
  • and you are considering Home Ownership seriously

then our Lease to Own Program is the answer for you.

What is “Lease to Own” in a nutshell?

Our unique Lease to Own Program allows you to lease and occupy a home while at the same time you build equity towards the purchase of this home.

  • The selling price for a future time is determined now Warranted!
  • You put a small down payment towards the purchase of the house, usually around 3% to 5% 
  • The monthly payments have two components: Monthly rent + Option credit. The Option Credit goes towards the purchase of the house 
  • The initial down payment and the Option Credit accumulated over the leasing period are credited towards the purchase of the house. 
  • On the date agreed on the Option to Purchase contract, usually 1 to 3 years, you will be able to qualify for a mortgage. Once the mortgage has been approved and you decide to exercise your option to purchase your home, the title is transferred to you.

This way, you enjoy the pricing and value of ownership today even though you won’t finally purchased the home until later.

This program truly makes homeownership a possibility for anyone who has something to work towards the down payment and can afford reasonable monthly payments.

Lease to Own is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Lease to Own a home is similar to leasing to own a vehicle:

  1. Today we determine a purchase price for the home based on the term of the agreement as well as a small initial down payment.
  2. We agree upon a monthly payment with two components: a rent portion and the option credit amount that goes towards the purchase of your home.
  3. Together we determine the time period of when you would be able to purchase this home with your own financing and exercise your option.

From day 1 you move in your dream home
while you work towards exercising your option.

In the meantime, we begin to work on whatever challenges you have that currently do not allow you to purchase a house: whether it is your credit or the lack of a larger down payment so the home is completely yours in the future.

You may now wonder…

What are the Benefits of your Lease to Own Program?

Here you have some reasons why you should consider Lease to Own:

  • Lease to Own allows you get out of a not so nice “rental property” and move into a place you can proudly call home right away.
  • At the same time you start saving enough money for your mortgage down payment with the goal to own this home over a predetermined period of time. 
  • You don’t need to wait years and years to improve your credit history before you can qualify for a mortgage and move to a nice home. 
  • Rent payments can be fixed for the life of the agreement, so you have a clear plan towards owning your home. 
  • Instead of just paying rent you are working towards the purchase of the home you are living in. You start building equity in your home immediately.
  • You don’t need a large standard down payment to get into your dream home right away. A small amount is enough for having you moving into your new home.
  • We work a plan with you to accumulate the balance of the down payment.
  • The future option price is locked in so you will benefit from any property appreciation above the option price exercised.
  • Your new mortgage is generally easier to obtain when you exercise your option, especially when the property value is higher than the option price.
  • Plus, you also know, the work you do in your home will not be wasted when the lease is over.
  • Best of all, through this program, while you are living in your home of the future, you are also building equity, improving your credit and putting yourself in a position where home ownership is not only possible but easy.