Downpayment Growth

Downpayment Growth

Down Payment Growth Program

Either you are planning to take advantage of our Lease to Own Program or our Seller Financing Program, our Down Payment Growth Program has been developed to help you saving the small amount you need for down payment to move into one of our gorgeous homes!

We know that saving enough money for a down payment while paying rent can be cumbersome. Life happens and sometimes you have no choice but to live day to day.

Through this program we create together a mandatory savings plan to help you accumulate the necessary down payment to purchase that dream home.

How does the Down Payment Growth Program works in a nutshell?

With our Down Payment Growth Program:

  1. We sit with you to fully assess your current family financial situation.
  2. You let us know what is the home of your dreams.
  3. Together we make a realistic plan to save money for your dream home.
  4. With this plan you will be making periodic contributions into a trust account.
    • Some of these contributions are made monthly.
    • Other times these contributions are coming from no periodical sources that you are counting on like:
      • Tax returns
      • Bonuses
      • Extra time payments
      • Selling things you may not longer need (motor homes, motorbikes, boats, for example)
      • etc.
  5. You place the monthly savings into our trust account and once we are close to have achieved the target goal, the amount required to get you into your dream home, we start looking for it!

Every situation is different:

  • As a result of some life circumstances some of our clients have very bad credit and not much money to start with, but they have a well paying job. With our Down Payment Growth Program they have been able to save enough to get into their dream home through our Lease to Own Program.
  • In other cases we have clients with very decent credit but no money at all to put down. In this case we have been able to work with them and our mortgage broker in very short periods of time to help them save a part of the down payment to get them into one of our homes while we finance the rest with our Seller Finance Program.