Our Programs

Our Programs


  • Tired of Renting?
  • Having Trouble Qualifying?
  • New Job?
  • Self-Employed?
  • Don’t have 10-20% to put down?
  • Problems with Credit?
  • Closing Costs Too Expensive?
  • Prior Bankruptcy?

We Can Help!

If you want to have the American dream of owning your own home for as little as 2% down, we can help. We have owner financed homes, lease purchase option, rent to own homes with no credit check in central Arkasas, the Little Rock Metro and the surrounding areas.


Banks are strict and take a long time to close. Not with us. We can have you in home in as little as one day. We can do this because we owner finance the home for you! There is no credit check and no references required. You simply need the down payment and first months payment!


We take care of all of the paperwork and details for you. And we do this for free — there are no closing costs.


Through our Lease Purchase Program, you receive equity in 3 ways. First, 100% of your down payment goes directly towards your equity. Second, a portion of your monthly payments goes towards your equity. Third, all of the appreciation becomes your equity. With a slightly larger down payment we will finance your home purchased through us.


Buying through our program allows you to repair your credit through timely payments. The house payment is usually the biggest payment in a person’s budget. Because of this, you can repair you credit more quickly than you could with smaller payments such as a credit card or car payment.  Sometimes, you may need a bit more help than simply getting into one of our homes with Seller Financing or a Lease Option; sometimes you need to be introduced to a credit repair service in order to get permanent financing.  There are many shysters out there taking peoples’ hard earned money.  That’s why we work with one and only one service of this type in the country: Global Credit Repair and Restoration.


We work with many mortgage brokers in the area and can assist you in finding one to help you get financing to refinance your home. If you don’t already have someone working with you, just let us know. Often we can finance you for your property purchased through us and yes we do transfer the deed. You actually own the property!


If after you have searched Our Homes for Sale section and haven’t found a house that fits your needs, click here  to be added to our Buyer List. We will notify you of new properties as they become available. When we buy a home, we go to our Buyer List first before marketing the property. Our homes go quickly, but being added to our Buyer List will ensure you get to view each new listing as it comes in. All our properties are fairly priced and do not require any credit check!!