Renters FAQ

Renters FAQ

    Do you Accept Section 8 Vouchers?

Absolutely! Just fill out one of our applications and fax it to our office along with your paper work from the Housing Office.  Be sure to let us know what your voucher amount is, and if its less than  the rent, please send paystubs or show the other income you have in order to be qualified to rent from us.

     What do I need to fax you in order to be considered?

We will need a completely filled out application along with proof of your wages.  Usually a month’s worth of pay stubs from each job for each adult who is working and who will be on the lease.     Also, we will need a copy of your license or state issued I.D.

      What if I am not working right now?

We know that these a re challenging times and do our best to work with folks.  If you have income from things other than working like student loans, SSI, Alimony or Child Support simply note it on the application and send a copy of what ever proof of funds you have.

      Can I sublet one of the rooms?

The short answer to this question is no; however, if you and a friend are wanting to be roommates, then both of you fill out the application and send it with the related items mentioned above.

      Who mows the grass?

You are responsible for the upkeep of the property.  You must keep the grass mowed during the months when it grows, and you must keep the yard clean.  If we have to send somebody to mow or clean the yard you will be charged a minimum of $100.

     What if something breaks?

It Depends.  If you are simply leasing then we will fix it. We try to be very conscientious in this area.  We would rather you “bug” us a little because you think the sink may be leaking than find out later it has rotted the whole bathroom floor causing a major repair. Never be afraid to call us, we will let you know if we think is  superfluous.

If you have a Lease with the Option to Buy, then you will be responsible for all repairs, however we must be informed in writing of all repairs you do or have done.